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Verizon Virtual Communications Express
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Verizon Virtual Communications Express

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The pace of work is getting faster than ever, making it vital to find an edge in an increasingly complex, competitive and cost-conscious environment.

To gain this edge, you need an end-to-end communications service that enables seamless contact with customers, partners, suppliers, and co-workers from virtually any location. Think of the time savings and business benefits you’ll gain from being able to improve accessibility internally and with your customers and suppliers. This is what you’ll get from Verizon Virtual Communications Express—without the large investments required for a premise-based phone system.

Business Features

User Features

Making Your Business More Efficient And Productive

We know you should not have to be big to benefit from big business technology. But we also recognize that small and mid-sized businesses typically don’t have the luxury of deploying dedicated teams to solve issues related to their communications services.

For example, you may find that diverse technologies or a mix of devices from different vendors don’t necessarily work well together; or key communications applications don’t work on certain devices. This can be more than inconvenient: it may mean that you don’t take advantage of a sales opportunity, fail to respond quickly to a customer, or miss an ad hoc meeting.

That’s why we’ve developed Virtual Communications Express so that you can focus on what you do best—your core business. It is specifically designed for businesses like yours and is packed full of features delivered from our cloud.

Getting Virtual Communications Express is easy: The service includes state of the art phone options, unlimited local and nationwide long distance voice calling, and integration with Google Apps1. Best of all, you buy only what you need—adding new phones later can be done with a quick phone call. And the whole package is backed by Verizon’s 24/7 business support.

Verizon Virtual Communications Express

5 Reasons to Switch to VirtualCommunicationsExpress

  1. Helps Improve Productivity. Faster decision-making, better customer service.
  2. Grows With Your Business. Expand without incurring additional equipment costs.
  3. Easy Installation. Out of box, plug and play. Use with any broadband service.
  4. Control Communication Costs. Eliminate up front CAPEX and maintenance with unification of services.
  5. Premium Phones. High-definition voice quality.

Verizon Virtual Communications Express Phone Options:

Polycom VVX 500 Polycom SoundPoint IP650 Polycom SoundPoint IP450 Polycom SoundPoint IP335
Polycom VVX 500
12-line set, enabled for video in future
Polycom SoundPoint IP650
6-line set with expansion options
Polycom SoundPoint IP450
4-line set
Polycom SoundPoint IP335
3-line set
Polycom SoundStation IP6000 Polycom SoundStation IP5000    
Polycom SoundStation IP6000 Polycom SoundStation IP5000    

Making Your Office Mobile

The use of mobile phones is vital to all businesses today. But when traveling, users of mobile phones often become disconnected from many of the more powerful phone features they have in the office. Virtual Communications Express Mobile solves this problem and adds to the professional image of your business.

The mobile app turns Apple or Android smartphones into an extension of your office phone, allowing single number reach, and enabling your team to always appear to be calling from your business regardless of their actual location. Our mobile app for Virtual Communications Express allows you to keep your mobile workers reachable through your company phone system when they are traveling.

Making The Next Steps To Seize The Business Opportunity

At Verizon, like with your company, we mean business. With low incremental cost, Virtual Communications Express can deliver increases in efficiency, customer satisfaction, and improve your business brand perception. Take advantage of the latest solutions without the hassle of building and maintaining them.

To find out more about how Virtual Communications Express can make positive outcomes for your business, contact us.

*Google Apps must be purchased separately from Google. Existing Google Apps accounts may be used.

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Download the Verizon Virtual Communications Express Fact Sheet (PDF).

Verizon Products
Verizon Conferencing and Collaboration
Verizon Virtual Communications Express (VCE) Contact Us for Pricing! Get a Quote!