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Verizon Internet Dedicated Access

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Verizon provides comprehensive IP solutions to help your company increase Internet opportunities. Whether you need Internet access for basic LAN/WAN applications, a web presence for marketing and e-commerce, or high bandwidth access up to 10 Gbps, Verizon has the products you need.

Why Verizon

  • Owns and operates one of the world’s largest local-to-global IP networks that spans more than 150 countries on six continents
  • Offers one-stop shopping that can provision your services on Verizon-owned access and network facilities in many locations around the globe
  • Has a rich history in innovation, providing access to the one of the most advanced Internet Service Portfolios in the industry

A Consulative Approach

When looking to satisfy your network needs, consider every option. We can help you analyze and determine if you:

  • Have moderate- to high-bandwidth needs
  • Require IPv4 and/or IPv6 protocol
  • Require network redundancy and/or diversity
  • Require back-ups for your primary dedicated Internet service
  • Require SONET or Ethernet speeds
  • Require broadband connectivity
  • Would benefit from an IP VPN or Private IP network

Internet Dedicated Access Services

  • T1/E1 to OC-192. Your company can benefit from a full range of leased lines access services up to OC-192 (9,952 Mbps).
  • NxT1/E1. These intermediate speed services deliver flexible, scalable Internet access from 3 to 12 Mbps filling the bandwidth gap between an Internet Dedicated T1/E1 (1.5 Mbps/2 Mbps) and T3/E3 (45 Mbps/34 Mbps).
  • Ethernet Services. As an alternative to traditional access methods, Ethernet technology provides connections from 1 Mbps up to 10,000 Mbps (10G) to Verizon’s expansive global Internet backbone using standard Ethernet handoffs. Verizon Ethernet services can help you streamline your business’s networking needs with a wide range of bandwidth options and a variety of cost-effective connectivity choices. The suite of Verizon Ethernet services today includes Internet Dedicated—Ethernet (includes both Internet Port and Access), Internet Dedicated—Fast Ethernet Port Only, Internet Dedicated—GigE Port Only and Internet Dedicated-10GigE Port Only.


Customize Your Internet Dedicated Connection

Verizon provides a range of bandwidth options and flexible billing plans for your Internet Dedicated Access services. Service and bandwidth availability vary by country:

  • Burstable Select. Provides sustained monthly usage with access to the service’s full potential bandwidth. It has two billing components: a monthly recurring charge (MRC) for your specified commitment and an overage charge that bills for usage above the selected bandwidth commitment.
  • Price Protected1/Standard2. Provisioned as a full circuit with single, monthly flat cost.
  • Tiered. Provides flat monthly pricing based on a selected bandwidth tier.

Redundancy And Flexibility

We also provide several configuration options for your Internet Dedicated Access services:

  • Double. Easily and cost-effectively increases your bandwidth. Both circuits are provisioned to the same gateway router within the same IP hub.
  • Diverse. Provides port redundancy and load sharing. Internet Ports are provisioned to separate IP hubs or to different gateway routers within the same IP hub.
  • Shadow. Provides a primary circuit and a hot-spare back-up circuit. You must have your primary circuit from Verizon in order to qualify for a Shadow circuit. The circuit back-up is automatic in case of primary circuit failure.

Internet Quality Of Service (QoS)

If you have considered convergence, moving your voice, video, or other key business applications onto one IP network, then you have also considered how to maintain acceptable business levels for those applications. Internet Dedicated QoS can prioritize key applications or network traffic, allowing you to assign various degrees of importance to different types of network traffic. For example, Internet Dedicated QoS transmits traffic designated as having a high priority such as voice or video or mission critical applications before lower-priority traffic.

Easy Access To Security Services

Internet Dedicated Services provide you with access to basic Email and Web scanning at no additional cost which can be activated through the Verizon Enterprise Center Portal. Email Scanning includes anti-virus/anti-spam for inbound emails and Web scanning includes anti-malware and URL Filtering3. You can quickly and easily implement these services to help secure your email and web traffic and use a centralized management console which allows near real-time provisioning and administration. If you want to add additional layers of security to your Internet Dedicated services, you can choose from our Managed Security Services in the Cloud, which include Firewall, IPS/IDS, and anti-DDos (additional charges apply).

Internet Dedicated Access Service

  • Business-quality Internet connectivity
  • Reliable, high-bandwidth, dedicated connection
  • Availability in locations around the world
  • 24x7 pro-active monitoring
  • Support for both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols:
    –– Native IPv4
    –– Native IPv6
    –– Dual-Stack: (Native IPv4 and Native IPv6) on the same access circuit
    –– Tunneled: Encapsulated IPv6 packets within a IPv4 Tunnel
  • Level of service to support mission-critical communications
  • Quality of services and rigorously engineered network help to reduce slowdowns
  • Comprehensive range of options to suit needs:
    –– Level of access
    –– Bandwidth
    –– Flexible billing choices
  • Online Service Portal
  • Extensive Service Level Agreements
  • User Friendly Reporting Tool
  • Access to basic Email and Web Scanning services


PDF File
Download the Verizon Internet Dedicated Access Fact Sheet (PDF).

1 Price Protected Service available only in U.S. locations
2 Standard Service available only in select locations in Europe
3 Services available to Internet Dedicated customers with circuit speeds of 50Mbps or less. Certain emails and attachments are excluded from scanning. Streamed and encrypted web traffic and peer-to-peer networking will not be scanned and will be passed through to the customer. The customer is responsible for compliance with all applicable privacy legislation and/or regulations. Other terms and conditions apply;
Verizon Products
Verizon Internet Access
Verizon’s Internet Dedicated Access (IDA) Contact Us for Pricing! Get a Quote!